The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Hrolf Herjolfssen

(Cary Lenehan)


Master Hrolf was elevated by Rolf and Lachlin in June AS XXI

Having been born in Vinland in 1205, and travelled over much of the north, Hrolf works for the Emperor-in-exile in Nicea towards the regaining of New Rome from the usurpers. It is the year 1253 and he acts as liaison to a tuman of Pecheneg auxillaries..

......... Within the SCA Hrolf and his lady have been active since the first days, before there was an SCA. Having held most offices at some level or other, Baron Hrolf is now content to just be very low-key locally and maintain a presence on the Grand Council of the SCA...........

Current Protégés:

Past Protégés:

Current Interests:

Bardic arts and getting back to full combat as well as starting to teach newcomers again.


Master Hrolf's device
(registered 10/11/85) Quarterly sable and Or a sun cardinal points throughout within an orle of roundels counterchanged.


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Current Group:

Ynys Fawr

Rowany Festival


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