The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Kiriel du Papillon

(everyone just calls me Kiriel)


I was elevated at the hands of Alwyn and Ingerith, Prince and Princess of Lochac, in AS XXVII

Well.. I was just a teenager when I joined the SCA, at the beginning of the establishment of Politarchopolis.

Over the years, I have travelled far across Lochac, and lived in Aneala and Riverhaven. I have spent time in the kitchens of Stormhold, Riverhaven, Ynys Fawr, Torlyon and Rowany, as well as my home Politarchopolis.

A few years ago I thought up the Lochac Fealty chains, which were then drawn up by Mistress Rowan, so that all the fealty sworn Peers of Lochac could wear something to symbolise their fealty.

My main activity within the SCA is running and catering events. My most recent challenge was running Lochac's first Coronation.

However I do other things; I play and teach the recorder, play the crumhorn, flute, fife and hammered dulcimer. I sing (at every chance I get) and make my own costumes. I loathe embroidery but enjoy beading. I have a fair hand for a business scribe and enjoy doing scrolls at very little notice. I am interested in herbalism, and am currently a member of the board of the Crossroads Medieval Village cooperative. All that keeps me mostly out of trouble. <grin>.

Current Protégés:

I have a squire: Llewellyn de Guerre

Past Protégés:

Charles of the Park

Current Interests:

I am currently in a semi-permanent cooking frenzy. <grin> Seriously though I am doing a lot of redacting of period recipes, currently focusing on Spain

..... I play various instruments and sing in the early music ensemble Concordia Mirabilis.


Mistress Kiriel's device
Gules, semy of hawk's bells Or, a butterfly displayed argent between two scarpes Or


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Current Group:

Insula Draconis


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