The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Leta von Goslar

Mostly InActive

Mistress Leta was elevated at Spring War AS 37 (Sat 5th Oct 2002) by their Majesties Alfar & Elspeth

This is from my elevation ceremony.
I was warned that if I didn't choose a photo then Selivia would - and i've seen her photo collection!

My first event was in September 1993 (I think) and since that time I have been greatly involved with Mordenvale. Even being roped into Seneschalship within my first year or so - before I knew any better & had an idea of what I had gotten myself into...

Through the years my SCA life has generally revolved around Mordenvale and helping out there.

The more visible contributions that I have made in the last few years have including Autocrating/Stewarding Spring War twice (once wasn't enough to be sure that I could handle the stress :) & being Deputy Steward for First Crown Tournament - which was very interesting and I am very thankful that it went as well as it did.

Throughout my years with the SCA, it is the friends I have made that inspire me and keep me coming back for more.'

Current Protégés:

Nope, haven't found any floating around yet :)

Past Protégés:

Since I have only just been elevated to being a Pelican - I have to acquire a protege before I can have them leave me *grin*

Current Interests:

Learning what life is like from the other side of Peerage.

Oh, and having been recently introduced to blackwork I am finding it quite fun and haven't tired of it yet.

In general I'm doing what I have always done - stuff


Mistress Leta's device
Err, better talk with a Herald about getting that device passed


leta (at) sca (dot) org (dot) au

Web Page:

Current Group:

Politarchopolis currently

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