The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Lindret of Bryn Myrddin

(Linda Ramsbottom)


Elevated by Cybi & Victoria on the 30th March, AS XXXI.





Mistress Lindret of Bryn Myrddin (2nd ruling baroness of Rowany) transferring the Baronial chain of office to Alarice Beatrix von Thal (3rd ruling baroness) Helene du Puy (4th ruling baroness) looks on. Rowany 25th Anniversary celebration.

Current Protégés:

Past Protégés:
Master Alfar of Attica and Mistress Gudrun

Current Interests: rapier,  italian and spanish costuming, singing, dance


Mistress Lindret's device
Quarterly azure and gules, a unicorn's head couped to sinister
and a chief dovetailed argent


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Updated: March 17, 2014