The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Muirghein ni Ghrainne

(Naomi Clarke)


Elevated in the reign of Veniarmin and Aeron in January AS XXX

Muirghein is a 12th century Irish Woman who has a long and sordid History with the Viking Raiders, from whom she escaped and then travelled through Europe till she found her way to Bastion In Aneala. After being Cared back to health she stayed, and established a household and good friends within the Barony and throughout the Kingdom of Lochac.

Current Protégés:

Honore de Corbeau ( Georgia Winter)
Fenissa (Nerina Van Der Kooi) formerly known as Nyssia Of Sparhauc

Past Protégés:

Current Interests:

I love embroidery and Calligraphy and Illumination but unfortunately I tend to get side tracked on other things such as Costuming and running stuff. One day I will get to do all the other stuff that is on the back burner for now.


Mistress Muirghein's device
Per pale Or and Azure a demi Unicorn to sinister facing Issuant from a base engrailed Argent gorged of a coronet Or


hawkstwr (at) iinet (dot) net (dot)au

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