The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Nicolette Dufay

(Lillian Johnston)


Mistress Nicolette was elevated by Prince Boris and Princess Constance at the Stormhold William Marshall Feast December AS XXXV.

Nicolette is a noble whose heart was captured by a young crusader Rudolf. They live happily with their daughter Breana and ward Vera in a modest manor in the Shire of Krae Glas. She served as Stormhold's fourth Baroness and is currently enjoying her busy retirement.

She and her husband have two delightful daughters. They entertain visitors both local and foreign frequently, feeding them, giving them shelter.

Current Protégés:

Ute von Tagemunde, Iseldis of Winchester, Clemens Gascoigne, Avelyn Rosewood, Erin of Krae Glas

Past Protégés:

Current Interests:

Cooking, Illumination, Garb making, Weaving, Dancing, helping people to research and then produce items they never thought they could.


Mistress Nicolette's device
Per fess ermine and vert, on a pile counterchanged, a lily argent


Web Page:

Current Group:

Krae Glas

Last Update: 30 October, 2017

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