The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Pedair MacPharlain na Cluain Bige

(Pedr Gurteen)


Pedair was elevated at the William Marshall Feast, in Stormhold, by Their Majesties Veniamin & Aeron on the Second day of December AS XXX (1995).

Pedair na Cluain Bige was born in 1247, the 3rd son of a Highland Chieftain. He joined the Tail of the Earl of Lennox in 1263, just in time to get wounded in the battle of Larges. He became interested in the new art of Heraldry, which led to him being chosen as one of those sent to Brittany to escort the beautiful Yolande de Dreux, Duchess of Brittany, back to Scotland to marry Alexander III. Pedair remained in Queen Yolandes household when she returned to Brittany after the death of Alexander. Currently he wanders the Tourney Circuit as Herald to Her household Knights........... .......... Pedair MacPharlain na Cluain Bige on the otherhand was born in 1547, the 3rd son of a Highland Chieftain. He is a former member of The King of France's Scottish Archers. Pedair rarely appears as he is much at sea onboard his ship the Bonadventure Gryffyn. Whenever he calls at an English port he has been known to do the odd favour for Walsingham, the Queens Minister. One of his trips took him to Italy carrying Kit Marlow. He is currently at sea some where in the Mediterranean........... .......... Pedr Gurteen is a retired Public Servant who is interested in the SCA, music (folk, classical, jazz, 60's & 70's Rock and anything that is'nt to loud), history, old vehicles, new vehicles, role playing, stories, people and growing old disgracefuly.

Current Protégés:

Cassia de la Rose - active.

Past Protégés:

Eoghann mac Aindries - active.

Current Interests:

Book Heraldry, particulaly Gaelic names and new devices, story telling, archery and fencing, telling newbies 'no shit I was there' stories, but mostly growing old disgracefuly.


Master Pedair's device
Purpure, on a bend sinister engrailed Or a bend sinister pean, in dexter chief a griffin segreant Or.


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