The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Vitale Giustiniani


Elevated by Aedward II and Yolande II on the 16 Apr 2006, XXIV.

Sir Vitale is also a Knight since 2001.

Joined the SCA in 1990, been active as an officer and with various aspects of events since then. Knighted in Feb 01, Pel'ed in April 06.

Current Protégés:


Past Protégés:


Current Interests:

Wood and leather working, costuming, encouraging heavy fighting and making it more interesting.


Master Vitale's device
Per pale Argent and Vert, a doubled-headed cockatrice, heads addorsed, holding a mace counterchanged, a bordure per pale Azure and argent


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Current Group:

Southron Gaard


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