The Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Lochac

Ysabeau Chanteuse

(Megan Jackson)


Elevated by John of Skye & Gabriel of Greenwood on the 28th August, AS XXIX. (My ex-boyfriend, an Australian King of the West) at Purg. in Goulburn.

Megan is married to Douglas (Raymond Landais of Politarchopolis). Two children - Cathryn (Elena Chanteuse) and Sian. After Sian's diagnosis with cystic fibrosis we retreated from life in general for a while. We are now attempting to claw our way back into the real world and the SCA. Sort of a contradiction in terms really.......

Ysabeau is a member of the household of Anne, Duchess of Brittany and Queen of France. (La Bonne Duchesse is actually queen for the second time now, having just married her cousin Francis, after the death of her first husband King Charles!) Raymond is also a member of the Queen's household - being one of her minstrels. We spend much of our time with the French Court, but will always remain Bretons. Vive La Bretagne.

Current Protégés:

Past Protégés:

Llewellyn of Strathclyde

Current Interests:

Smooth running, hygenic kitchens..... Hoping to get involved with researching/redacting recipes


Mistress Ysabeau's device
Ermine, a stringless harp vert within a bordure sable


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