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28 Sep 2018

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1 Aug 2018

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    Angus Galbraith

    Don, Guildmaster



    Rowany (Sydney, NSW)

    Contact Details

    PH: +61 (0)417 279 280


    Some say he used to be a Scottish barbarian roaming the Highlands. Others say he is an tamed ape trained to fence by Ancient Guildmaster Edmund the Lame. All we know is we call him Ginsu Boy.

    On the 13th of December AS XXXVIII (2003), Their Royal Majesties Alaric and Nerrisa did elevate Angus the Barbarian (later styled Angus Galbraith) to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac.

    On the 2nd of December AS XLI (2006), at Rowany Yule, Don Angus Galbraith, sponsored by Ancient Guildmaster Edmund the Lame, and with the accord of the Body of Guildmasters, did play his Master's Prize. The candidate was examined by Ancient Guildmaster Edmund the Lame, Ancient Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, Guildmaster Don Henry Fox, Guildmaster Adib ibn Jelal, Guildmaster Silfren the Singer and Guildmaster Don Caleb Adolphous. Following the playing of the Prize, the examiners did conduct an oral examination to ascertain the candidate's knowledge of the arts of defence. Following due consideration, the examiners did conclude that the candidate had played his Prize in most exemplary fashion and had demonstrated great depth in his knowledge of his chosen field. The examiners did agree that the candidate had most successfully played the Prize and did elevate him to the rank, privileges and responsibilities of Guildmaster. Guildmaster Don Angus Galbraith was accorded his Guildmaster's rank in the presence of Their Majesties Draco and Asa, Crown Princess Gudrun and Their Excellencies the Baron and Baroness of Rowany, receiving in token the black sash of his sponsor, Ancient Guildmaster Edmund the Lame.

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