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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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New Version of the Lochac Rapier Rules have been issued.
28 Jul 2017

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Addenda to The Lochac Rapier Rules now available
2 May 2017

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Call for Guild Membership
We need your help! | 19 Jul 2016 | Comments: 1

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    Suppliers for Fencing Equipment

    The following lists represent the current known situation for fencing supplies. If you wish to add or provide a correction to any of the lists, please do not hesitate to contact the Website Maintainer. Please note that a listing here does not represent an endorsement of the particular supplier, association or club, but is only presented as an information to people looking for fencing suppliers within Australia. Please check the suitablity of all equipment with your local rapier marshal if you have any doubts.

    Australian Fencing Equipment Suppliers

    Global Gear

    Shop 1003 Knox Ozone Shopping Centre, Cnr Burwood Hwy and Stud Rd, Knox VIC
    Ph: (03) 9720 8699
    Fax: (03) 8621 6971

    - offers an SCA discount - contact Everard for details

    J G Fencing

    Proprietor: Jeff Gray
    93 Sherwood St Revesby NSW 2212
    PH: (02) 9773 4515
    Fax: (02) 9792 4083

    New Zealand Fencing Equipment Suppliers

    Mainland Fencing Equipment

    30 Hillview Road Phillipstown Christchurch New Zealand
    PH: 03 3658281

    National Fencing Associations

    The fencing asscoiations can put you in touch with a local fencing club, which is the easiest way to purchase a fencing mask from a local supplier.

    Australian Fencing Federation Inc


    New Zealand Fencing


    International Fencing Manufacturers and Suppliers

    Alchem Inc. (USA) -
    Supply: C 

    Allstar (Germany) -
    Supply: A 

    American Fencers Supply Co. (USA) -
    Supply: A, C

    Blue Gauntlet (USA) -
    Supply: A 

    Blade Fencing (USA) -
    Supply: A

    Cas-Hanwei (USA / China) -
    Supply: A, B, C
    Note: You need to order through one of their distributers.

    Darkwood Armoury (USA) -
    Supply: B, C 

    Gipsy Peddler (USA) -
    Supply: B 

    Leon Paul (UK) -
    Supply: A, C 

    Negrini (Italy) -
    Supply: A 

    PBT Fencing (Hungary) -
    Supply: A 

    Physical Chess (USA) -
    Supply: A

    Prieur (France) -
    Supply: A 

    The Fencing Post (USA) -
    Supply: A 

    Triplette Competition Arms (USA) -
    Supply: A, B, C

    Uhlmann Fechtsport (Germany) -
    Supply: A 

    Zen Warior Armoury (USA) -
    Supply: A, B, C

    Zivkovic Modern Fencing (USA) -
    Supply: A  

    Supply Codes: 
    A = Modern equipment (blades, masks and uniforms),
    B = SCA fencing armour / uniforms,
    C = Steel Rapier and Flexidagger type blades


    Last updated on 12 Aug 2012, 11:22:58.