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The Challenge of the Iron Ring has been issued!
16 Feb 2018

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New Version of the Lochac Rapier Rules have been issued.
28 Jul 2017 | Comments: 1

Please check out the new version of the Lochac Rapier Rules, now at v3.5. This set of ... Read More

Addenda to The Lochac Rapier Rules now available
2 May 2017

There have been several Addenda made to v3.0 of the Lochac Rapier Rules. A copy of ... Read More

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    Experiment Details - Rapier Pikes

    Construction details

    This is the construction process used by Master Yevan de Lys, which demonstrates the current process for creating an acceptable rapier pike that may be used as part of the experiment.

    1. The sword blade used in this demonstartion is a Hanwei Practical Rapier Blade (OH1098) and is 37 inches long
    2. The dowel used for the shaft is 38.6 mm in diameter


    1. Drill carefully down the centre of the dowel with a 12mm wood drill bit, just under the length of the tang
    2. 4 cut out a slot for the thicker part of the tang and just under the width
    3. 5 place the sword into the dowel to check the fit
    4. 6 take the 1 inch tank flange cut of the female thread end screw of the other part, then using a 25mm wood drill drill out the inside of the tank flange this will help it fit better
    5. 7 file down around the cut out area around the dowel until the tank flange just fits over the dowel
    6. 8 place flange over the dowel and push on then take a rubber mallet and slowly hamer it over the dowel until level with the top of the dowel
    7. 9 secure flange to dowel with fiber tape
    8. 10my pike from blade tip to the end of the pike is 7foot
    9. 11 any problems please contact me
    Last updated on 30 Apr 2013, 3:19:46.