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    Lochac Rapier Marshallate / Experiments

    Reduced Authorisations Experiment

    Duration: 01 Jan 2001 to 31 Dec 2011

    Coordinator: Kingdom Rapier Marshal

    29 Nov 2010

    Greetings to the practitioners of the arts of defence!

    I am delighted to set an experiment into your hands, from the Kingdom Earl Marshal. For the calendar year of 2011 any current or new rapier authorisation will include melee and RBG authorisation. In addition, any person who does not have a rapier authorisation may secure a plain RBG authorisation and engage with us in that manner. There are some
    points to consider.

    1) We have until the end of December to be ready for this to start, and I certainly want to be hearing all the good and bad things about this experiment in the quarterly reports, as well as in any other forum. At the end of 2011 we will discuss and report to the KEM.

    2) Being authorised in any form of combat *does not equal being forced to participate in them*. We should remember the Rules of the Lists and apply them. I welcome anyone declining to participate in melees or being shot with RBGs, no matter how much I enjoy them myself. We need more marshals, anyway.

    3) A plain RBG authorisation from a person who does not otherwise engage in rapier combat should take into consideration that the gunner will likely be both shot and stabbed in combat, and must be able to comport themselves safely and properly in those circumstances. I would expect to be able to achieve a RBG authorisation relatively quickly and easily, but with due seriousness.

    4) Safe and ready to engage (authorisable) is not always the same as skillful and proficient. Participants don't need to be great to engage in our combat - they need to be safe.

    5) Safe doesn't mean that you won't get the occasional bump, bruise or scratch. Again, the Rules of the List are pretty clear that our sport is a physical one. I'm not looking for rapier to become more "macho", but I don't want to declare a person unsafe because they hit me "once a little too hard".

    The underlying ethos in the KEM's experiment is that we are men and women of honour, and that our sport has been proven to be safe. He trusts us to hold that in our hands and apply it in this experiment. If a person isn't ready - don't authorise them. If they are - get them on the field. The result will hopefully be some simplicity for marshal, lists, and to be reflected in our Rules. Other measures to make our Rules clearer and simpler will be forthcoming.

    I welcome your feedback, and I trust your good judgements. I am your servant,


    Last updated on 5 May 2013, 11:47:55.