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    Resources, Support:

    Gilbert de Wolghop

    Guild Master, ORa


    The College of St Bartholomew (Melbourne, VIC)

    Contact Details

    Email: gilbertwolghop_at_gmail_dot_com

    Research Interests

    Capoferro, Vadi, Agrippa, and Manciolino – all things Italian. Historically informed armoured combat

    Teaching Specialty

    • Italian rapier
    • Italian longsword


    Gilbert joined the society before birth, ran away and then came back for fencing. He became Don Everard Sefar's student in the same year.

    On Sunday the twentyfourth day of January AS XLIV (2010), at surveying Expedition in the Canton of Cairn Fell, Gilbert played his Free Scholar prize in the art of Single Sword, sponsored by Provost Sir Wolfram Flammenherz and examined by Provosts Don Aylwin Greymane, Sir Haos Windchaser, William Blackwoode, and Everard Sefar.

    On the twentysixth day of June AS XLV (2010) Gilbert was awarded the Order of the Rapier by Their Royal Majesties Bran and Leylii at Winterfeast in the Barony of Stormhold.

    On Sunday the third day of October AS XLV (2010), at Great Southern Gathering in the Barony of Innilgard, Gilbert played his Journeyman prize, in the arts of Longsword (Cut & Thrust), Sword & Buckler (Cut & Thrust) and Sword & Dagger, sponsored by Provost Don Everard Sefar, examined by Guildmasters  Adib Ibn Jelal, Don Damian Grebeard, Provosts Sir Haos Windchaser, William Blackwood, Don Aylwin Greymane, and Journeyman Juliana de Northwood.

    On Friday the Sixth day of April AS XLVI (2012), at Rowany Festival in the Kingdom of Lochac, Gilbert played his Provost prize in the arts of Single Sword, Sword and Dagger, Sword and Cloak, Sword and Buckler (Cut and Thrust) and Longsword (Cut and Thrust), sponsored by  Provost Don Everard Sefar and Provost Sir Wolfram Flammenherz, examined by  Guildmasters Adib Tariq ibn Jelal, Don Angus Galbraith, Don Caleb Adolphus, Don Owain Cantor ap Hughe, Provosts Sir Haos Windchaser, Marcus de Valencia, Don Diccon Shorthand and Don Giles Leabrook.

    Currently, he teaches at Capstone School of Defence, as the third Triumvir and runs a Rapier training in Stormhold.

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