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The Challenge for the Iron Ring has been met!
24 Apr 2019

At Rowany Festival this year, Maestro ibn Jelal was challenged by Lord Seumas Mac ... Read More

New rapier rules V4.0
29 Mar 2019

Lochac Rapier rules V4.0 will be released at Festival on 18/4/19. The new rules have been ... Read More

A new Challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac has been played
4 Dec 2018

Maestro ibn Jelal has received and met a challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac, by Christopher ... Read More

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    Henry Fox

    Don, Guildmaster



    St Florian de la Riviere (Brisbane, QLD)

    Contact Details

    PH: +61 (0)448 321 960


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    Research Interests

    Vincentio Saviolo, Fencing Etiquette, Social History of Rapier, the rapier as a weapon, different techniques, various manuals, other schools of thought

    Teaching Speciality

    Footwork (biased to Olympic base), beginner's basic instruction, distance, timing, thrust, (this is what I have been told, various other areas)


    I joined the Society in 1991, and first got interested with fencing in 1994 as part of my first living expedition to the Barony of River Haven (central). I turned up to the practice expecting Olympic foil, which I had learnt previously at the same place. I authorised at the Bacchus Wood Anniversary event in 1994, and by either chance or skill (I still don't know which) came second in the tournament. I became Baronial Rapier Champion in 1995 and held it until 2000, through the infamous rapier ban in the West. I retired briefly in 2000 and took it again in 2001. From about 1996 I started training with Paul Sawtell, and learnt at a great rate of knots, I still thank him for the privilege. It is thanks to Paul that I have been able to progress so well and achieve the rank of Provost in 2001 at Rowany Festival. I became Baronial Rapier Marshal of River Haven in 2001, and only recently relinquished it to my successor. I have established two fencing schools, one in Castellum Montanum, which has since ceased to exist and the most recent one in River Haven (central) which is growing nicely. In at the Investiture of Baron Somerled of Redcliffe and Baroness Caelia the Fair in 2002, I was awarded with the Order of the Rapier of Lochac, and much to my surprise, was elevated to the rank of Court Baron at the same event, by His Majesty King Alfar and Her Majesty Queen Elspeth. Guildmaster Henry played his Guildmaster's Prize against Ancient Guildmaster Edmund the Lame, Ancient Guildmaster Dameon Greybeard, Guildmaster ibn Jelal and Guildmaster Silfren the Singer, at the Gathering of the Guilds in St Florians, 2003. He is the second person to achieve the rank of Guildmaster of Defence in Lochac.

    On the 3rd of July AS XXXIX (2004), Their Royal Majesties Draco and Serena did elevate Henry the Fox to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac. The scarf given to Don Henry was the scarf received by Don Fran├žois from Adib ibn Jelal who received it from Don Tivar Moondragon.

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