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A new Challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac has been played
4 Dec 2018

Maestro ibn Jelal has received and met a challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac, by Christopher ... Read More

Two Handed Swords Disallowed for Melee Combat
28 Sep 2018

Notice from the KRM Effective immediately: Two handed swords are not to be used in ... Read More

Updates to the Chronicles of the Iron Ring
1 Aug 2018

The journal of Maestro ibn Jelal, in the Chronicles of the Iron Ring has been updated. The ... Read More

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    Kit Hackforth



    Innilgard (Adelaide, SA)

    Contact Details



    Provost Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye sponsored Scholar Kit Hackforth to be tested with Rapier and Buckler. The Scholar was examined by Journeyman Juliana de Northwood, Free Scholar Cameron Mac Setna, Free Scholar Seigfried Zoder, Provost Sir Wolfram Flammenherz, Journeyman Edine Godin. Being unanimously found to have achieved his prize, Kit Hackforth was thus bestowed with the rank and sash of a Free Scholar with in our Guild.


    Journeyman Kit Hackforth, sponsored by Guildmaster William Blackwood and Provost Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye, did play his prize for the rank of Provost in the forms of Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Buckler, Rapier and Cloak, and Pike. The candidate was examined by Provosts Aylwin Greymane, Adair MacDermid, Haos Windchaser, Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin, Gomez de Crecy, Wolfram Flammenhertz and Guildmaster Emrys Tudor and with the assistance of Journeyman Yevan de Leeds. After a thorough examination, the candidate was deemed to have met the standard and was elevated to the rank of Provost within the Guild of Defence. Kit was adorned with the provost sash belonging to Provost Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye who had received it from Guildmaster Silfren the Singer who received it when she played her prize within the Kingdom of the West.

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