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    Lindoret of Brynn Myrrdin

    Pelican, Maestra of Defence, Don, Baroness, Provost

    Maestra Lindoret   


    Rowany (Sydney, NSW)

    Contact Details


    Research Interests

    • Bolognese Rapier:
      • Manciolino
      • Marozzo
    • Rapier sports injury
      • Rehabilitation

    Teaching Speciality

    • Bolognese Rapier:
      • Sword and Buckler
      • Case of Rapier
      • Sword and Rotella
    • Andragogy: Adult learning concepts applied to Rapier
    • Coaching for improved performance
    • Training modifications for injury
    • Combat for women


    I joined the SCA in 1982, at the first overnight SCA event in Rowany borrowed James the Sinister’s armour and been authorised in SCA combat ever since. I learnt fencing at school and the SCA provided 30+ challenging and happy years honing my skills as a heavy fighter specialising in Sword & mace and kite shield. From 1991-1996, I had the honour of being Rowany’s second Baroness, reigning with Torold of Hawkhurst. During these many years I have focused considerably on service and combat with management of events and people a speciality. I have a strong interest in equitable involvement in SCA combat and have led activities to support women’s involvement in both heavy and rapier combat.

    Rapier became my combat focus in 2008 and had the privilege of learning from Guildmasters Ibn Jelal, Silfren and Angus. I became Free Scholar of the Guild of Defence at Easter 2009, later that same year at Yule, I won my Journeyman’s prize. In 2013 I attained my goal of becoming Provost of the Guild and at Festival 2015 I joined the White scarf of Lochac.

    On the 15th of April, AS LI (2017), Their Royal Majesties  Ariston & Lilavati did elevate Lindoret of Brynn Myrrdin to the Order of the Defence for her exceptional prowess and ongoing support of the fencing community of Lochac.


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