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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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    Below you will find links to all the training locations suitable for developing skills in SCA fencing.



    The Barony of Politarchopolis holds a practice in Haig Park.

    New South Wales

    All available training is located within Sydney.

    The Barony of Rowany has training available in Sydney's inner West (Burwood & Sydenham).

    ibn Jelal also teaches at Stoccata - Sydney in Epping, which is suitable for C&T fencing development.


    The Barony of Riverhaven holds a practice in Lutwyche.

    The Barony of St Florian de la Riviere holds a practice in Annerley.

    The Canton of Stegby holds a practice in Warwick.

    The Shire of Willougby Vale holds a practice in Ipswich.

    South Australia

    All available training is located within Adelaide.

    The Barony of Innilgard has training available in Beulah Park.


    The Barony of Ynys Fawr holds a practice in Glenorchy.


    Training is held across Melbourne.

    The College of St Bartholomew holds a practice in the University of Melbourne.

    The Barony of Stormhold holds a practice in Clifton Hill.

    The College of St Monica holds a practice in Monash University.

    The Capstone School of Defence holds a practice in Knoxfield.

    The Shire of Arrowsreach holds a practice in Croydon.

    Western Australia

    All available training is located within Perth.

    The Barony of Aneala holds a practice in Wembley.


    New Zealand


    The Barony of Ildhafn holds a practice in the city centre.


    The Barony of Southron Gaard holds a practice in Jellie Park.


    The Proto-College of St Aemigdius holds a practice on Thursdays.

    The Shire of Darton holds a practice on Sundays.

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