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    Martuccio Lorenzo Cavalcanti de Medici

    Don, Provost



    Southron Gaard (Christchurch, NZ)

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    On the 5th Day of February AS XLI (2007), at Canterbury Faire, Free Scholar Martuccio of Southron Gaard, sponsored by Guildmaster ibn Jelal, did play his Journeyman's Prize in the following weapons: Rapier; Rapier and Dagger; and Rapierand Cloak. The candidate was examined by Provost Somerled of Radcliffe, Journeyman Luan an Fael and Journeyman William de Cameron. The examiners did conclude that the Free Scholar had successfully played the Prize and did acknowledge and elevate him to the rank of Free Scholar.

    On Tuesday the 5th day of February AS XLII (2008), at Canterbury Faire, Journeyman Martuccio Lorenzo Cavilcanti de Medici, sponsored by Provost William de Cameron, did play his Provost's Prize in the forms of Single Rapier, Rapier and Buckler, Rapier and Cloak, Rapier and Baton, and Rapier and Dagger. The candidate was examined by Provosts Baron Alessandro von Florenz, Don William de Cameron and Luan an Fael. The examiners did agree that the candidate had successfully played the Prize and did acknowledge and elevate him to the rank of Provost.

    On the 13th Day of November AS XXXXIV (2009), Their Royal Majesties Gabriel and Constanzia did elevate Martuccio to the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac.

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