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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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A new Challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac has been played
4 Dec 2018

Maestro ibn Jelal has received and met a challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac, by Christopher ... Read More

Two Handed Swords Disallowed for Melee Combat
28 Sep 2018

Notice from the KRM Effective immediately: Two handed swords are not to be used in ... Read More

Updates to the Chronicles of the Iron Ring
1 Aug 2018

The journal of Maestro ibn Jelal, in the Chronicles of the Iron Ring has been updated. The ... Read More

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    Call for Guild Membership

    We need your help! | 19 Jul 2016 | Comments: 1

    Updates for the Guild Membership list are currently underway by Provost Secretary, Adair MacDermid and his able Guild Mistress assistant Juliana.  If there are any updates, please email Juliana (email can be found on her directory page).  Adair is working to get the Provost Secretary email directed to him.

    Kind regards


    Wolfram Flammenherz/James Fritz   13 Sep 2016

    Just noticed something in my bio in the OWL section - 1) Flammenherz without the 't' and Morghun was Crown of the East. The actual ceremony was conducted by Sir Ivar Corwin then Prince of Drachenwald.

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