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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

All requests for correction and revision to the site contents should be directed to the Site Admin.

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Guild pages updated
6 Nov 2015

Annabelle Perot has been added to Free Scholars. Gilbert has been updated to Guild Master. ... Read More

OWL page updates
4 Sep 2015

Lindoret of Brynn Myrrdin has had her page updated. A page for Ludwig von Regensburg has ... Read More

Some post Festival updates
9 Apr 2015

Lindoret added to the Dons list Gilbert added to the Dons list Ludwig added to the Provost ... Read More

More News Entries

    Update to Resources\Manuals Part 1

    14 Feb 2015

    Several of the links to external manuals have been found to be broken. The following Fencing Masters have been updated so far.


    • 1 link replaced
    • 1 link deleted


    • 4 links replaced
    • 6 links merged and deleted


    • 6 links replaced
    • 6 links deleted

    Anonimo Bolognese:

    • 1 link deleted
    • 2 links added


    • 1 link replaced


    • 1 link replaced


    • 1 link replaced


    • 1 link replaced

    Di Grassi:

    • 2 links replaced


    • 2 links replaced


    • 1 link replaced


    • 1 link replaced
    • 1 link added


    1 link replaced


    • 4 links replaced
    • 2 links deleted


    Where possible links to the Raymond J. Lord collection have been used. German will be next.

    Updated more Guild members

    29 Jan 2015
    Updated Ceara and Liarden. Added Perrin, Lorcan. Owain, Bartolomae, Francesco.

    Updated several Guild memberships

    28 Jan 2015
    Added Anna de Wilde, Jude of Lunihawke and Alexious of Yuri. Updated Raegan of Lunihawk.

    OWL List Updated

    8 Sep 2014
    Now at 22.

    Update to the Draft Youth Rapier Rules.

    8 Sep 2014
    After consultation with members of the Australian and New Zealand Boards of Directors, an updated rule set has been produced. It can be found at link

    New Training Resources Available

    5 May 2013

    Lindoret of Bryn Myrddin and Gomez De Crecy have posted two new teaching resources. One is for trainers and one is for students.

    The links are:


    GRM Quarterly report form added to the Marshallate pages

    5 May 2013

    The requirements for the GRM quarterly report have been uploaded to the following page:

    Flying Web Monkey

    Some editorial updates...

    Marshal contacts & Thomas of Darton | 3 May 2013

    With the regime change the Marshal contacts page has been updated.

    I've also corrected the History page for Thomas of Dartoncheeky

    Head Flying Web Monkey

    Marcus de Valencia's entry updated

    21 Apr 2013

    At his request I have updated Marcus de Valencia's entry on the guild web site. I have removed his old name Marcus  De La Mancha and moved him from St Floriens to Riverhaven.

    Yours in service


    New Provost Secretary Required

    16 Apr 2013


    Applications for the position of Provost Secretary to the Royal Guild of Defence close this coming Friday the 19th of April. If this is a position that you have been considering please e-mail myself and the Lord Guildmaster at the addresses below.

    If you wish to know more details about the position please e-mail me directly.

    Guildmaster Francois Henri Guyon, OWL

    Provost Secretary Emrys Tudur

    Yours in Service
    Guildmaster Don Emrys Tudor