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    The White Scarf of Lochac

    Progressive Rapier Championship System for Lochac


        * Intention
        * Definitions
        * Points Awarded
        * Bonus Points
              o Travel Points
              o Discretionary Points
        * Registering Points
        * Publication of Results
        * Example of a Results Summary
              o Summary for Group Rapier Marshal and Champions Administrator
              o Summary for Publications
        * Champions Administrator
        * Suggested Procedure for Official Tournaments
        * Multiple Tournaments at the One Event
        * Appendix
              o Example 1
              o Example 2

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    It has been proposed to select the Lochac Rapier Fencing Champion across the entire SCA year rather than from a single event. This is a paper that outlines one proposed system for choosing a champion that was used for a few years. This proposal does not intend to replace the tournament held each Coronation event to select the Provost of Lochac.

    The concept is that each competitor receives points for official rapier fencing tournaments that they compete in over the course of the competitive year. Only official tournaments count towards the championship points. What constitutes an official tournament and competitive year is defined below.

    The Lochac Rapier Fencing Championship is an initiative the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac, and will be administered by the Order.

    Please direct all comments and enquiries to Don Angus Galbraith, at who is coordinating this proposal on behalf of the Order.


    SCA Year

    • For the purposes of this proposal an SCA year runs from one May Crown to the next one.

    Official Tournament

    • A tournament where advanced notification has been widely posted, with sufficient notice to allow others that are interested in competing to attend.
    • At least 4 authorised rapier combatants compete in rapier combat at an official SCA event, in such a way that a winner can be determined.
    • Tournaments must be 'sponsored' or organised by a member of the Kingdom of Lochac. That is a tournament at Pennsic would not count, unless it was organised by Lochac.
    • At events where multiple tournaments are run, then only tournaments that have been included as part of the event are 'official'. Ad hoc tournaments which have not been separately posted, or not included as part of the timetable will not count.

    Widely posted

    • Notifications need to be placed in Kingdom and Baronial publications. Notifications on the Lochac email list, and the Fencers email list are also strongly recommended.

    Sufficient Notice

    This is to allow other potential combatants to arrange to attend the tournament. The notification should be at least 6 weeks in advance of the tournament.

    Official Points

    Points earned in an Official Tournament, and where the results have been widely posted.


    A person who is sponsoring a tournament. The patron of a tournament must be mentioned in the notification of the tournament.

    Competitive Year

    The competitive year will commence with May Crown Tourney, and will end with the closing court of the Easter Rowany Festival. This allows the points to be totalled, etc. so that the winner may be declared at the following May Crown Tourney. There is a small gap between Rowany Festival and May Crown Tourney. Any rapier fencing tournament in this period will not count towards points totals for the year.

    Championship Administrator

    This is a nominated member of the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac, (OWL) to whom the results of tournaments are reported to, so that the points are officially recorded.

    Points Awarded

    The number of points awarded for the tournament will depend upon the size of the tournament. The larger the tournament the more points are awarded. This is to encourage larger tournaments. Points for attendance are awarded to those who do not achieve a points earning placing. They are not added to the points for achieving a placing.

    If the points system requires urgent review, then the alterations need to be widely published, and all progressive scores printed. Otherwise the points allocated remain static throughout a competitive year.

    # of Competitors Winner Runner Up Third Attendance
    4 to 8 7 4 0 1
    9 to 16 12 9 5 1
    17 + 14 14 9 2

    If there is a draw for a position that earns points, then the points are awarded to both competitors. That is if there is a draw for first place in a tournament for 18 people then both people are awarded 20 points.

    If a tournament is a melee tournament (with teams) then each team counts as a 'competitor'. All members of each team are awarded the same base level points.

    Bonus points

    Travel Points

    Additional points can be awarded for a competitor that has travelled beyond a certain distance to get to the tourney. The bonus points are as follows:

    • 100 - 250 km (day trip) = 1 pt
    • 251 - 700 km (overnight trip) = 2 pts
    • 701 - 1200 km = 3 pts
    • North Island to South Island (NZ) = 3 pts
    • Tasmania to Melbourne = 3 pts
    • Tasmania to anywhere else = 5 pts
    • > 1200 km = 5 pts
    • International = 5 pts

    Distances shall be defined from an external reference (not from an odometer), some examples of these are :

    • Other references may be used.

    Some example distances are:

    • Sydney - Wollongong 80 km  = no extra points
    • Sydney - Newcastle or Goulburn  = 1 pt
    • Sydney - Canberra 305 km  = 2 pts
    • Sydney - Melbourne 895 km  = 3 pts
    • Sydney - Brisbane 1030 km  = 3 pts
    • Sydney - Adelaide 1430 km  = 5 pts
    • Adelaide - Hobart  = 5 pts

    Discretionary Points

    If the tournament has a patron (Baroness, Baron, King, Queen etc) the patron may award, at their discretion, up to 3 additional points. These being for:

    • Courtesy,
    • Amusement of the spectators, and
    • Patrons choice (ie: for any reason they wish).

    These discretionary points are just that, discretionary. There is no requirement that they are awarded at any tournament. There is no requirement that these points, when awarded, be awarded to different people.

    Registering Points

    For points to count towards the championship they must be reported. This means that the reporting marshal for the event must include in the report all the names of the combatants, the winner. Since the event marshal will have all the pertinent information available, they should also calculate the points for each competitor. Any bonus or discretionary points allocated need to be noted in the report.

    This report is to be forwarded to the appropriate marshal, and to the Championship Administrator. Since the championship is to be awarded at the May Crown Tourney, any tournament that is run in the period prior to Easter must be reported as promptly as possible.

    Publication of results

    To allow other fencers to be aware of the progress, a report of the results should be included in the publications that the tournament was initially announced in. The participants, winners and acknowledgements need to be mentioned. The points awarded need not be mentioned.

    There are several reasons to publish the results. It allows people to get an idea of who is leading in the competition for the next Lochac rapier champion. It also raises the profile of rapier combat and lets people know what is happening. By raising the profile, more tournaments may be planned and run.

    Example of a results summary

    Summary for Group Rapier Marshal and Championship Administrator

    To the Baronial Marshal and the Championship Administrator,

    On the 4th September, 2004 a rapier tournament for the Baroness' Champion was held. The participants were:

        * John the Black (Member number 12345)
        * William De Montibank (34243)
        * Ursula the Lost (44534)
        * Katerina of Skye (435523)

    The event was marshalled by Provost William the Lame.

    The winner was Katerina of Skye.

    Second place was awarded to John the Black

    Ursula the Lost is a visitor from the East kingdom. All other fencers were local (< 100 km).

    Points allocated were:
    Katerina of Skye (435523)  7
    John the Black (12345)  4
    Ursula the Lost (44534)  6
    William De Montibank (34243)  1

    Summary for Publications

    On the 4th September, 2004 a rapier tournament for the Baroness' Champion was held. The participants were John the Black, William De Montibank , Ursula the Lost and Katerina of Skye.

    The weather was ideal, and Lady Ursula the Lost, a visitor from the distant lands of the East Kingdoms chose to compete and test her mettle.

    After displaying their skill, and demeanour on the field Katerina of Skye was declared the victor. In a close fought bout between John the Black and Ursula the Lost, second place was awarded to John the Black. Etc, etc

    Championship Administrator

    To ensure that there is fairness and impartiality in the system, the points are to be reported to the Championship Administrator. These points are recorded and tallied throughout the year. As per the definitions table, the Championship Administrator is a member of the Order of the White Scarf of Lochac.

    Only points that have been reported to the Administrator in the correct manner count towards the years total.

    Once scores are reported and tallied, the Administrator will then post the revised points on the fencing and Lochac email lists. This should be done within 2 weeks of receiving the results.

    If a dispute regarding the points allocated from an event happens, then the Championship Administrator can investigate, and amend the values if required. The Administrator's decision may be appealled to the Order of the White Scarf.

    It is not reasonable for the Administrator to:

    • Verify that every event has been widely posted.
    • Verify all distances travelled.
    • Verify the discretionary points.

    If there is a fencer who wishes a summary of their points, they may contact the Administrator, who may (at their discretion) provide them with their results only. This is not intended for every combatant to request their progressive score after every event, but only where a competitor feels that they were not allocated the correct number of points.

    If there is a dispute then the competitor needs to follow up with the tournament organiser and appropriate Baronial Marshal, and arrange for the correct details to be forwarded to the Administrator. Disputed results need to be raised promptly to ensure that the appropriate information is clarified while it is fresh in everyone memories.

    Any events that are not correctly reported do not count to the totals for the championship.

    At the Easter Festival the Championship Administrator should bring these figures, and amend those figures for those tournaments at Festival. These figures are to be used to select the champion for the next year. In the unlikely event of a draw, then Their Majesties may select from the two persons, or a trial by combat may be arranged, or award the championship to both individuals.

    Suggested Procedure for Official Tournaments

    When a tournament is planned, the organiser of the tournament should :

    • Contact the appropriate baronial marshal to notify them of the event
    • Post the events details in the appropriate publications and web lists.
    • Contact the relevant designated Championship Administrator with the details of the event (including the Patron if applicable), and the publications used to advertise the event.

    Once the event is run the organiser should:

    • Write a report, and post it to the appropriate publications
    • Write the report, and forward it to the appropriate baronial marshal
    • Forward this report (or one very similar) to the designated Championship Administrator.

    For the points to be calculated, the names of all competitors, the positions of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd need to be noted, as is those that have travelled more than the local distance. Any discretionary points need to be noted as well. Also include in which publications the notification of results are posted.

    The Order may make available blank report forms that can be used for recording and reporting results.

    Multiple Tournaments At The One Event

    For large multi day events (eg Rowany festival). Tournaments need to be either gazetted individually (obviously with the permission of the autocrats, etc), or included on the official event time table (again with the permission of the autocrat). Preferably both.

    Tournaments require fields to be allocated, and times scheduled, and these need to be cleared with the autocrat team.

    The intention of this is not to limit the number of tournaments, but to ensure that all potential competitors are aware of official tournaments, and can therefore choose to compete or not compete.


    Example 1

    In the below table is an example of the base points won in various tournaments:

    Katerina of Skye is determined to be the winner,
    John the Black has won second place, and
    Ursula the Lost has won 3rd place, and is an international competitor.
    William De Montibank is a local person

    Name 4 - 8 people 9 - 16 people 17 + people
    Katerina of Skye 7 12 20
    Hohn the Black 4 6 14
    Ursula the Lost 1+5=6 5+5=10 9+5=14
    William de Montibank 1 1 2
    All other local competitors 1 1 2

    Discretionary points could then be allocated to some of these results to further adjust them.

    Example 2

    This event is in Canberra.

    • Don Grumpypants is determined to be the winner.
    • Ursula the Wanderer has won second place.
    • Caia and Caleb Black have drawn for third place.
    • Thorfinn has travelled from Hobart.
    • Ursula the Wanderer has travelled from Auckland.
    • Caia has travelled from Brisbane.
    • Caleb Black has travelled from Sydney.
    • Don Grumpypants is a local person.
    Name 4-8 people 9-16 people 17 + people
    Don Grumpypants 7 12 20
    Ursula the Wanderer 4+5=9 6+5=11 14+5=19
    Caia 1+3=4 5+3=8 9+3=12
    Caleb Black 1+2=3 5+2=7 9+2=11
    Thorfinn 1+5=6 1+5=6 2+5=7
    All other local competitiors 1 1 2

    The points for travelling are intended to entice fencers to make just that little bit more effort to travel to tournaments that are a little further away.

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