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This is the recognised website for the Lochac fencing community, which is supported and hosted by the Lochac Rapier Marshallate.

All queries about fencing in Lochac should be directed to the Lochac Kingdom Rapier Marshal.

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A new Challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac has been played
4 Dec 2018

Maestro ibn Jelal has received and met a challenge for the Iron Ring of Lochac, by Christopher ... Read More

Two Handed Swords Disallowed for Melee Combat
28 Sep 2018

Notice from the KRM Effective immediately: Two handed swords are not to be used in ... Read More

Updates to the Chronicles of the Iron Ring
1 Aug 2018

The journal of Maestro ibn Jelal, in the Chronicles of the Iron Ring has been updated. The ... Read More

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    Wolfram Flammenherz

    Knight, OWL, Provost



    Stormhold (Melbourne, VIC)

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    PH: +61 (0)3 9323 1640


    Discovered the SCA through fencing and haven't looked back.  First Principality Rapier Marshall in the then Principality of Drachenwald. Provost in the Drachenwald Academy of Defense. Look for the cross-over of techniques from Rapier to Heavy and return.

    On the 10th of November, AS XXII (1987), Their Royal Majesties Morguhn and Rowan, Crown of Drachenwald did elevate Wolfram Flammenherz to the Order of Chivalry for his prowess upon the tournament field.

    On the 5th day of July AS XLV (2009) at the MidWinter Coronation, Journeyman Sir Wolfram Flammerherz, sponsored by Guildmaster ibn Jelal, did play his Provost's Prize in the forms of Sword and Buckler, Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Rapier and Cloak and Case of Rapier. The candidate was examined by Provosts Duke Cornelius von Beck, Viscount Don Aylwin Greymane and Baron Alessandro von Florenz, Ancient Guildmaster Don Dameon Greybeard, Guildmaster Dona Silfren the Singer and Lord Everard Sefar (by dispensation of the Lord Guildmaster as an authorised armoured combatant with much I33 experience). Upon due consideration, the examiners agreed that the candidate had successfully played the Prize and did elevate him to the rank of Provost.

    At Twelfth Night Coronation in KraĆ© Glas on 12 January AS XLVIII (2013), TRM Henri and Beatrice did elevate Their Subject Wolfram Flammenhertz to the Right Noble Order of the White Scarf of Lochac, making him the 21st member of the Order. The scarf presented to Wolfram is from Baron Don Kazimir Petrovka Pomeshanov, which was given to him by his Lady, Baroness Caithlin Sommerfield, when he became a Don in Ansteorra.

    On the 2nd of August, AS L (2015), Their Royal Majesties Steffan and Branwen did elevate Wolfram Flammenherz to the Order of Defence as one of the masters of the Order.

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