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    Some Words from the Ancient Masters
    - Lecküchner's Fechtbuch

    by ibn Jelal

    Originally published in Punta Dritta July AS XXXVIII (2003)

    Ein Zedel fechter ich mich rüm
    Im Schwerd un Messer ungestüm
    In stercke, schweche, kurtz und lang
    Mein gegen man, ich thu bedrang
    In des hab acht, versteh mich recht
    Ihn triff, eh er sein Läger schlecht.

    So hab ein anders ich darauff
    Damit mein kunst, gar teur verkauff
    Mein Arbeit treib ich nun bering
    Am leib glatt einher, nach der kling
    Zu schnid mach streych, stich, so widrub
    Wilts lerne grüntlich. Zu mir komm.

    A versed fencer I think myself
    Unchecked with sword and blade
    On the strong, weak, short and long
    Mine against anyone's, I have prevailed
    In this have respect, understand me right
    Hit him, where his stance is incorrect.

    Thus I have overthrown others
    With my art, so dearly bought
    My force floats from me now to strive
    Smooth from body, to the blade
    To cut, make a strike, stab to conclude
    To learn thoroughly, come to me.

    From Lecküchner's Fechtbuch (also known as Egenolph's Fechtbuch).
    Compiled by Hans Lecküchner (aka Hans Lebkommer).
    Woodcut Published by Christian Egenolph, Franckfurt am Meyn, c. 1529-1531.
    Republished by the heirs of Egenolph, 1588

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