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a&s - pisanThe aim is to learn about history by recreating it. We study period techniques and apply them in a modern world (considering things such as cost and availability of materials, safety, and our climate). Accuracy is important and we source a range of documentary evidence, including manuscripts, archeological finds, paintings and sculptures, as well as stories told by the people that lived in those times.

Most classes are conducted fairly informally, and evolve from one or two members researching a new technique, area of interest, or teaching a class that has been taught to them. We cover everything from making garb (clothing), leatherwork, studying games and music, learning medieval dance, fletching, making armour and weaponcraft, calligraphy, food preparation, heraldic design and display, plus a host of other interesting topics.

If you have a any skills or knowledge you would like to share with others,  please feel free to contact Arts & Sciences Officer to arrange a class. Thanks to those who have already come forward to offer classes, support and ideas.

The list for the upcoming A & S activities is available in the recent River Haven Rag or Events page.


The Arts & Science Journal for the Kingdom of Lochac of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (SCA, Inc.). Cockatrice is an email publication only via subscription with the editor.

The blog website is here.


Here are some articles published by members (past and present), most hand-outs at classes are copyright to the authors.

Upcoming Classes


2nd April – Embroidery Night

9th April – Embroidery project planning, UFO and Hospit working bee

16th April – Cook Guild with Kara

23rd April – GNW working bee, silk banners, piņata making or personal UFO

30th April – Festival stories, sharing notes and bargains bought. 


7th May – Embroidery Night

14th May – Cords – used for awards, bags and so much more. Leonor de Alcocer                 

21th May – Cook Guild with Lady Kara & GNW prep

28th May – Wax fabric – making a Baronial stash for events – make one for yourself and make a few for the Barony.  Materials supplied


June – Embroidery Night & GNW final prep

June – TBA

June – Cook guild with Kara

June – TBA

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