Autumn Days Baronial Feast

Welcome to Nagasaki 1570, home of the Portuguese Empire in Japan.

You are invited to visit the new port of Nagasaki across the sea in the stunning lands of Jepang.  Traders not only from Portugal but the Netherlands and China share their goods with Jepang and will possibly feast at your table.

Dress in your finest attire, made in your homeland or choose to try the styles of the people of this land and their fine silks.

See the elegance of Jepang, taste the wonders of its food blended with the flavours of Portugal, see demonstrations of prowess and artistic skill.

“The old Malay word for Japan is Jepang and this Malay word was encountered by Portuguese traders in the 16th century who were the first to bring the word to Europe”

On the celebration of the 1st Anniversary of the 7th Baron and Baroness of River Haven, William and Katherine Alicia vie for the Baronial Championship in Heavy, Rapier, Archery and of course Arts and Sciences. (Archery will be held on the 9th at a location away from the hall, transport provided if needed)

Arts and Sciences

1) Baron's A&S Challenge - Table top Siege engine.

         Must be an example of a period siege engine design, though proof it was built is not required as long as it can be proved it was designed in period.

         Must fit in a cube the equivalent size of a box 30cmx30cmx45cm i.e. 40,500 cubic cm. with a maximum lateral edge of 30cm

         It must function

         Be as close to period materials as possible preferred

         Documentation not required but will earn extra points.

         Obscurity points on offer , the more obscure and bizarre the more points, remember it must function

2) An example of Japanese Artistry (your choice can include painting, origami, flower arranging, hair ornaments, papermaking etc.) Documentation required of authenticity of style.

3) A recipe redaction

Children's A&S Competition

2 age groups Under 10 and 10 to 15

An item of traditional origami - Paper will be available on the day.

A prize will also be awarded to one person for authentic style Japanese Garb either adult or child.

Your feastocrat is Her Excellency TH Baroness Josseline de la Cour, your steward is Lady Gabriella Borromei and your hosting group is the Canton of Stegby.

PLEASE NOTE: There are no real candles allowed in the hall, you can only use fake candles.

Address: Corner of Guy and Albert Streets, Warwick


Full event Includes Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast

Adults                             $40 per person

Children aged 8 to 16     $20

Under 8 years                 free

Off Board/Day only          $15 adults $7.50 children over 8

Saturday only                  $30 adult $15 children

All non-members regardless of age to add $5

Late booking charge of $5 per person applies after the 21st of February.

Bookings close on the 1st of March or whenever cap is met, strictly capped at 110 people.

Please forward bookings to include your SCA name, Mundane Name, membership number and any dietary requirements.  Please also notify the bookings officer if you require accommodation, limited billet and camping spaces available.

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