Riverhaven Barional Awards

The Landed Baron and/or Baroness of Riverhaven Barony have the right to establish non-armigerous orders and awards to be recognized solely within the borders of their Barony.  

For a full list of the award recipients, please go to the Barony of River Haven Awards List site

Cross Portate

A non-Recommendable award given once per Baronial Championship to someone that represents Chivalry, Service and Honour at the discretion of the Baron and Baroness.

    Pierced Anvil

    Recommendable award given to recognise skills in Arts & Science.

    Bridged Towers

    Recommendable award given to recognise service done for the Barony.

      Golden Seahorse

      Given to recognise the fighting arts in the Barony.  This award is devided up into the following categories:
      Champion:    Given to the Baronial Champion after their first term in this position
      Infantry:       Given to recognise skill in Heavy Combat
      Duelist:        Given to recognise skill in Rapier
      Archery:       Given to recognise skill in Archery