River Haven Arts & Sciences Competitions.

The Baronial A&S competitions are open to any gentle in River Haven or Neighboring groups.  Every 6 months the Barony sets A&S Competitions to encourage members to learn new skills or challenge themselves in areas they are passionate about.

Once competition category is set, people willing to enter will need to find a period item to suit the category.  Research this item, look into what materials and methods were use to produce this item.

We understand that not all period materials are available so modern versions of materials are able to be used.   We encourage entrants to be as period as possible but within their means.

What happens in a Baronial A&S Competitions

• Entrants will need to complete the Entry Form before or at the event, and provide the item to be entered, the entry form and any documentation to the A&S Steward running the competition. 

• A&S Steward will be available to hand out entry forms and to collect entries for display.

• The entries will be displayed with an entry number while the items are being judged.

• There will be 3 judges which will be arranged prior or at the event.  

• Once judging is completed the entrant’s name will be displayed with their item for a further period of time.

• Photos will be taken of the entries to display on website (to show off)

• Some competitions may be eligible for email submission but this will be noted in description of the Competition. 

• Winners of the Competition will be announced in Court

• Entries will be able to collect with a comment and score sheet soon after the results are announced. 

• Baronial Championship will be announced at the September Baronial

September Barional A&S (2014)

1 – Display arms in 5 different period forms – You may use your personal heraldry, Canton, Baronial or even your friends (especially if you would like to gift this)  

You will need to identify and learn something about 5 different purposes to which people put their coats of arms before 1600.  Documentation not required but does hold more worth. 


2 - $50 challenge – Can you garb a newcomer for $50 or less.  I challenge you to a garb & get a newcomer ready for their first event only spending $50 or less.  This challenge requires 2 pieces of clothing (chemise & overdress or tunic and pants), headwear, accessories (belt, pouch, necklace & sleeves etc) and feasting gear.  Shoes are not included in this challenge.  Documentation for items not required but holds more worth.  Working out of your spending and shop list is required.   We are doing this for make believe teen or adult newcomers – so using yourself or family as models is welcomed.  The items may be worn in full during the event or displayed on the A&S competition table.

The purpose of this challenge is to show newcomers that you do not have to spend a fortune to partake in the SCA.   It also shows where you are able to find bargins and cheaper options.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask - either at A&S or via e-mail or Facebook message.

Lochac Arts & Sciences Competitions for 2014

Your entry needs to be delivered to the A &S officer of the event. Please view Pegasus for full details of when or where to post. Documentation is required with all entries to Kingdom level Competitions. We will be encouraging members to enter by organising relevant talks or workshops over the next 6 months or so. Further information please contact A & S Officer.

May Crown XLIX (2014) hosted by Barony of Aneala

  • Reconstructing a Movement (Dance, Theatre, Fighting, Juggling, Period Sports, etc. Researching and Recreating particular Movements from Historical Sources.)    
  • Footwear(Shoes, Socks, Hose, etc)         
  • Item for an Archer(Bow, arrows, quiver, vambrace, etc)


Midwinter XLIX (2014) hosted by Barony of Politarchopolis

  • Court Garb (From any period, special attention to recreating all the layers)          
  • Painted Furniture(Boxes, chairs, beds, etc)         
  • Table Settings(Plates, cuttlery etc)


November Crown XLIX (2014) hosted by  Shire of Torlyon

  • Item of Personal Heraldry           
  • An Item of Blacksmithing Focus on practical items for SCA use, ie for a Campsite               
  • Period Headware


Twelfth Night Coronation XLIX (2015) hosted by … …

  • Performance-Ensemble (group of 2 or more, videos allowed)    
  • Dyeing (making of dyes or dyeing of fabric/leather/etc)               
  • Cooking-desserts (If not coming to event, must have comments of 3 tasters from local group)


May Crown L (2015) hosted by … …

  • Clothing-non European Pottery or Glasswork (Making of)            
  • Leatherwork


Midwinter L (2015) hosted by … …

  • Poetry-Original work in Period style       
  • Lace-any type of lace or items to help make lace              
  • Animal Accouterments-Barding, leashes, collars, etc


November Crown L (2015) hosted by … …
  • Beadwork          
  • Medicine-A medical related item or research on a historical medical topic            
  • Bookbinding/Papercraft-Making books or paper