New SCAA Registry

The SCAA Registry has been replaced by a new system which supports
online subscriptions, renewals, changes of address and payments, as
well as providing access to ePegasus and special online reports.
Payments are accepted via Paypal (including credit cards), direct
bank deposits and mailed cheque or money order.
To use the new system, please visit
You will be able to have a password for the new system emailed to
you -- use it to log in and do any of the actions mentioned above.
This password IS NOT THE SAME the old online Registry's password,
Starting this week, the new Registry will send an email notification
whenever an issue of ePegasus is put online (this notification can be
disabled) and you should also get at least two reminder emails from
the Registrar when your membership is nearing expiry.
If you have any difficulties using the online system, please contact
Bartholomew - . The usual payment-
related or card-related inquiries should go to the SCAA Registrar -
Caelia the Faire/Michelle McDonald,
Since this is the first live use of the new system, please be liberal
about reporting issues you find to the email addresses above, and
bear with us if we have to take time to sort them out, thanks.

The SCAA Registr