Sept Baronial A & S Competition 2010

One item of any period of your choice.
For those who wish to compete for the Baronial Champions positions, you will need to produce an Arts & Science entry.
This should not be directly “combat” related – a new sword is fine, but a new sword move is not.
Due to the lateness of letting everyone know of this competition, detailed documentation* of item would be appreciated but not required for judging.
* For all who enter this competition a simple entry form showing item name, period, brief description and maker’s name and years in SCA is required, forms are available at the Hall or email Tess directly.
ALSO: The Burnfield Canton is running their own A & S Competition Viking Bling (Jewelry) and Best Spear
Anyone who is NOT able to go attend the Baronial at Burnfield you may still enter these Competitions – your item just needs to be delivered to the Lutwyche Hall by Sept 8 (at the latest) or posted to Tess for inclusion – or someone from your group can bring it with them to Burnfield.
Happy crafting a new and interesting item, we look forward to seeing your entry.
Brighid/Tess Elliott