"The Shire" Archery Championship

Willoughby Vale, QLD
22 August, 2010.
It's that time of year again - A time to choose our Senior and Junior Archery Champions. 
We are also pleased to announce the commencement of our A&S rounds to determine our A&S Champion. 
The first round competitions are: 
A household item (anything essential in the running of a medieval home (600 - 1600AD)), 
A Shirt or Smock (documentation of embellishments / patterns required). 
For newcomers - a pouch. 
A pie lunch will be served and soft drinks will be on sale. 
Where: Ipswich Vigoro Club, Joyce St, East Ipswich QLD 4305 - http://tiny.cc/nbnz8
When: 10am till we've had enough! 
Cost:  Members $10, Non-Members $12, Children 5 - 14 half price, Off-board $5 / $7. 
Bookings Required. 
Booking Deadline:  18th August 2010  
Cheques Payable to:  SCA Willoughby Vale Inc 
Bookings Contact:  To the Steward 
Steward:  Eleanor of Cathenes (Pam Fildes)  07 3288 5160 or 0439 209 841