Baroness of St Florian de la Riviere’s Birthday Pas d’ArmesBaroness of St Florian de la Riviere’s Birthday Pas d’Armes

Saturday, 4th September, 2010.

12pm for a 12:30pm starting at
TJ Memorial Park Drive,
Dutton Park, (Under the Green Bridge),

On this day the Baronial Guard will hold the field against all comers, and between the rounds there will be challenges for spectators and combatants, inspired by Her Excellency.
This will be a royal visit by Their Majesties.

There is no charge for the event except that you must bring a plate of food to
contribute to the table. As the event will go on for a number of hours, we are
hoping people will bring finger foods that people can continue to snack on
through the afternoon. If you want a full lunch, make sure you have it before
coming as think of it more as “nibble table”. Cordials will be provided.

Contact: Gabriel at St Florian de la Riviere.