Armouring Workshop

August 29th, Sunday.

The private residence of West Alex.
9am till 5pm.
Book a space.

To do:

  • Swords (Costs $60 for rattan, basket hilt and fibre tape)
  • Shield I (Costs $50 for strapped plywood shield with aluminium edging, hose
    pipe, leather edging dyed black, strapping and the face of the shield painted white
    ready for your future heraldic device)
  • Shield II ($110 for a centre grip shield including Baldar shield boss with handle)
  • Steel cops with leather uppers, steel elbow cops, one with an attached
    leather vanbrace, leather half gauntlet, leather shield glove, mild steel cops with
    leather uppers and leather gorget. All will be dyed, wax hardened and strapped
    for $250 for mild steel or $310 for stainless steel.
  • Choice of Kidney Belt for $75 or lamellar suit for $200 (assuming 200 plates
    and cord)
  • Pre-made Gambesons available for $140. They will fit some sizes and will most
    likly require some hand sewing to finish.

Offers will continue to be available so long as the source remain for the items.
(I am short of some stainless steel cops at the moment).

You will be making these items yourself with supervision.

Please understand when I say that I do not have the time or energy to work on
your private projects.
If you are interested please contact me privately so I can work out
what is required and organise support.