Ladies & Gentlemen,

Swordplay' 10

The weekend of Friday 3rd September to Sunday 5th September 2010.
Baden Powel Scout Park, Samford, Qld.

Swordplay 10, run by the Australian College of Arms, is a big swordfighting event with plenty of different schools focusing on metal weapons. There will be longsword classes and tournaments as well as sword and rapier tournaments. It was a great success last year and the tone of the event was extremely friendly with many different people interacting and playing happily together. If anyone wants to know more have a look at the Australian College of Arms website and email Scott MacDonald, as he's the organiser of the event. I'm looking for a couple of rapier fighters to go in the tourney and demonstrate our skill against all and sundry, so if anyone is interested please e-mail me and we'll sort it out.

Swordplay' 10 registrations is extended up to and including the morning of each day over the weekend. 
This will consist of a desk manned by 2 x ACA members from 8.00am - 9.0 0 am approx.
If you intend to pick-up a weapon or participate in any of the weekend events: $20.00 per day.
If you just want to turn-up and watch $5.00 per day.
Paul Wagner Workshops
 Although the program is officially tracking towards 2 x Quarter-staff workshops plus whatever else Paul may wish to cover during the Workshop Window on the Saturday, Paul is prepared to cover any range of topics pending interest on over the weekend at his convenience (ie: Sword & Buckler / Dagger). Just so everyone is aware we have a degree of flexibility during the workshop periods.
The ACA will have 16 x spare Quarter-staffs primarily for our inter-state guests.

Tournament People  
Participants are to ensure they have read the Tournament Rules and come equipped to take part. The ACA will have a supply of spare equipment and weaponry...but participants are expected to take ownership of their safety and be equipped to the stated minimum.
 Copies of the OST Rules plus a Tournament Brief will be provided prior to the OST commencing.
On-site Accommodation
 The 3 upper level cabins are designated as:
 1) Ladies
 2) MSG
 3) Knightfight
 6 to a cabin with spare room left over.
 $4.00 per night per person payable on the last day of the event.
Lunch & Refreshments
 Friday lunch is for Flying Nun Café, Samford.
 Saturday and Sunday lunch is Samford Joey's sausage & steak sizzle. Have $5.00 budgeted for lunch on these days.
 All weekend there'll be coffee / tea / cordial / choc biscuits etc for nibblies.  
Anything Else ....make up as I go!
Scott McDonald
Australian College of Arms
PO Box 313 
Everton Park, Qld 4053
P: 07 3353 3906
F: 07 3332 7144
M: 0438 597 798