River Haven March Baronial

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to a limited amount of space in the Hall NO more bookings for the Feast are being taken at the River Haven March Baronial.

Pricing for the Tourney which includes afternoon tea will be $15.00 for members and $17.50 for non-members if you are booking by Friday.

Date: Saturday, 12 March, 2011
Time: 12.30 pm – 11.30 pm

Venue: Riverhaven Hall, Wesley Street, Lutwyche, QLD

Theme: Feast for the Court of Love

It is now official! There will be a Royal Visit for the Riverhaven March Baronial. 

The Baron and Baroness of Riverhaven invite you to step back in time to the Courts of Aquitane and experience "A Feast for the Court of Love". Experience the Honour and Chivalry of Knights and the Romance and Music of the finest Troubadours and Jongleurs. Ladies bring your favours for your knight and Gentleman romance will be alive on the day so bring along your tokens and words for your lady 'love'.

Contact: Susanna Marshall (Event Steward)

Booking Deadline: Tuesday, March 8, 2011. Please advise of any dietary requirements when booking.

Price: Members (before cut off): $25.00. Non-members (before cut off): $30.00
Members (after cut off): $30.00. Non-members (after cut off): $35.00
Troll (Toll) Fee: (on the day bookings) Members $35.00. Non-Members: $40.00
Children: Children under 6 are free. Children 6-12 are half price.

March Baronial A & S Competition 2011

Entry: One item per person - per section of the Competition. You may enter one or all three sections if you wish. The garment section is in the period of your choice. Documentation is expected with your entries
Entry Forms: these will be made available only on the day of the Comp.
1:Chemise: Only ONE item per person.
2:Head wear: veils, coifs, hats: Only ONE item per person
3:Beverages: This is for period alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks Only ONE sample presented in a suitable period container.
Garb Entries can be posted to the A & S Officer, the week before the event and on the day – please hand your entry in by 1.30pm.

Event Run Time: 

Saturday, March 12
12.30pm Site Opens.
1pm Rapier Weapons Inspection. Warm Up/ Ladies Choice Tournament – Knight of Honour
1.30 pm Rapier Tournament
2.30pm Heavy Weapons Inspection
3.00pm Heavy Tournament
6pm - 11.30pm   Feast with Entertainment

River Haven March Baronial Menu

Afternoon Tea

Maid of Honour Tarts, Crepes, Almond Tarts, Pork Pies, Apples, Oranges, & Nuts


Fish In Carp Sauce (Chicken), Browned Vegetables, Buttered Wortes, Pumpkin soup, Spicy Meatball Soup, Sage & Apple Bread, Walnut Bread, Puree of Dried Young Fava Beans & Roast Pork with Roast Vegetables, Cherry Puree
Whole Pear Pie, & White Pudding

Stuffed Whole Hippocampus


A few notes on Courtly love

so you can get into the mood for the River Haven March Baronial.






Ladies I encourage you to bring along your favours for your knight. Favours can be as simple as a ribbon or as elaborate as a sleeve or embroidered piece of silk or linen.

Gentleman I encourage you to bring along tokens for your chosen lady of the day, This could be a flower, beads or those silly rings from the two dollar things at the shops. The tokens are not to be expensive. Courtly Love can be a serious business but it can also be lots of fun.
http://www.oocities.com/dyanearden/favors.pdf is a good source for information as well.