The "Lochac Information Guide"

Organised with the most general information sources first, and more specific or specialised ones later.

== Kingdom level

* Kingdom website - - almost everything else mentioned below can be found from here!

* Pegasus, the Kingdom newsletter. If you are an SCA member and don't have a paper sub, download your electronic copy each month from

* Kingdom Officers - - a list of Kingdom officers, their email addresses and their websites. Use this to hunt up your Kingdom superior and GET IN TOUCH - they are usually the very best source of information about your role. And their websites almost always have links to relevant resources and mailing lists.

* Mailing lists guide - -- and don't miss the link to in the first paragraph. Locate and join appropriate mailing list for your role (e.g. lochac_reeves for group Reeves). Note that some lists are hosted on the Lochac Kingdom server, and some elsewhere. If in doubt,
ask the relevant Kingdom Officer which list to join. Note that most group officers are required to be on their Kingdom Officer's mailing list -- it's not optional.

* Kingdom Seneschal's resource page - - you'll find here the Lochac Procedures Manual which all officers should read, plus many helpful resources on issues like office handovers, handling disputes, recruitment, group growth, and much more. A copy of this guide will end up there.

* Kingdom Law -

* The three Societies which manage our mundane affairs and set policies: SCA Ltd -, SCA NZ Inc - and of course SCA Inc (US) -

* The Lochac-Announce mailing list - - a great way to stay abreast of new information, events and initiatives without too much email in your inbox.

* The Shambles ("Lochac") discussion list - - a helpful place to share information, ask interesting questions and discuss ideas and initiatives. Often fairly quiet, sometimes quite busy. The Shambles automatically receives messages sent to Lochac-Announce; you don't need to subscribe to both.

* What's going on? See the Kingdom calendar: or your group's calendar on its own website.

* Who's who, how are their names spelled, what awards do they have? - see Canon Lore -

== Group level

* Your Seneschal is usually well in touch with the Kingdom's key information resources. If they don't have an answer immediately, they know how to get it quickly. Ask them!

* Find your group's website and the Seneschal's contact information via the Lochac Group Guide: - use the group's website to find out about local activities, newsletter, mailing list etc.

* Interested in taking on a group officer role? Following on from LOTS, a generic Kingdom-wide set of group officer job descriptions is in preparation. In the meantime, you should find the summaries
created by Southron Gaard handy:

= Stewarding events

These two resources should be helpful to those stewarding events, whether newcomers or more experienced folk.

* First time? Try this Southron Gaard introduction:

* Large or complex event? Use the checklists and other helpful information in the Crown Event handbook: