Lochac Children's Deputy

I am very pleased to advise that, with the advertised application period now closed, Lady Josseline de la Cour from River Haven has agreed to be my Children's Deputy.

As such, Josseline will liaise with me, the SCA Ltd's Child
Protection Officer Tina Bean, the Society Youth Officer Mistress
Ardenia and will support all those interested in promoting excellent and wide-ranging children's activities in Lochac.

A reminder that the recently-finalised SCA Ltd Child Protection. Policy can be found here.

That policy (in Australia) and relevant local laws provide the regulatory framework for activities involving children. But beyond helping with questions about such matters, Josseline's role is primarily to support and encourage groups, stewards and officers with ideas, enthusiasm and resources.

Josseline may be contacted at children[at]lochac.sca.org and at the web page.
If you already have a role or have any interest or good ideas and resources in this area, I encourage you to get in touch.

On behalf of the Kingdom, my thanks to Lady Josseline for applying for the role, and to all others who expressed an interest.

In service,
Lochac Seneschal