A $2 rapier tourney will be held on 25th of June at River Haven Hall.

To all good combatants of Lochac, I, Marcos de Valencia of the Queen's Guard do offer up a challenge.
This tourney will be best of three double elimination, or round robin depending on the amount coming using whatever legal rapier-approved weapons that are desired.

Lists shall open at 11AM,
the tourney begin at 12:30PM,
and the event will close by 3PM. 

Prize for this event - a fighting cloak.

Marcos de Valencia would desire to fight a round with all combatants,
in the name of Her Majesty our Queen;
to bring renown to all those who would enter,
and to those whose favour they bear.

A donation of $2 is suggested for this event,
and the site is quite suitable for bringing children.
Drinks are available for a small fee 
but bring your own snacks.