Three things to think about

One item of note from Great Northern War was that the lack of a Baronial Quartermaster and policies for the storage and loan of Baronial equipment added to the burden and stress on the Event Stewards. We would ask that people consider what policies we should put in to place to ensure that Baronial equipment is properly managed - we don't want to add a huge amount of bureaucracy to loaning out Baronial stuff, but neither can we have no organisation.

Secondly, we would like all those who attended Great Northern War to make a wish list. What do you wish you had at GNW? What do you wish the event had? Your wishes could be, for example for new clothes, or new weapons, or new skills, or that the event had classes on your favourite subject, or a particular war scenario. Make your lists and let us know what they are, so that we can use them to guide us in making GNW even better, either by helping you fulfill your personal wishes or by providing feedback to Countess Leonor, Event Steward for next year.

Lastly, it was suggested to us at Great Northern War that the Barony needs a Wayfarers Award - something to reward those who travel to the Barony regularly and who enrich it by doing so. We would ask everyone to consider this and let us know whether you believe it is a good idea, and suggest ideas for a name and badge.


Talk to us about these, or to the Baronial Officers - we'd appreciate your input.

In Service

Wolfgang and Contarina