Friday night revels Return!

… a bunch of people will get in garb (simple casual garb) and have a pot luck feast followed by either simple sitting around and talking, singing or dancing.  It will always be heaps of fun.

On the 4th Friday night of each month for the next three months. River Haven Hall open at 7pm for a 7:30pm dinner. 

DATES: Friday 23rd September, Friday 28th October, and Friday 25 November, 2011.

All people are asked to bring $2 per head and plate of food (each Adult) to feed approx 4-6 people. Suggest you bring pre-cooked food as you will only have half an hour to get it ready logically. Remember… your food doesn’t have to be huge and elaborate, even just bringing a chook is a good start.

Wear some comfortable garb and come along.

Bring your own candles, although remember we do have the oil burners so even if you bring some oil to use in them that would be fine. 

Organisers: Matt & Bec Doulton and Cathy Rickert.