Feast of Tournaments

Greetings local SCAdians,

On Saturday, November 19th, the Barony of River Haven will be sponsoring the running of the Feast of Tournaments – an afternoon of fun and frivolity as our local Rapier and Heavy Combatants partake in a series of fun tournaments to amuse the onlooking populace. Indeed, the tournaments are specifically designed to include some participation from the gathered crowds.

Both Rapier and Heavy will each have a 2 hour window where they will compete in 4 separate chivalric tournaments of no longer than 30 minutes per tournament. The formats for each combat form will be announced in the coming days.

When: Saturday November 19, 2011

Where: The River Haven Hall, Wesley Street, Lutwyche

Time: 12:00 - 5:30pm.
Site Open at 12:00.
Rapier – armour inspection 12:45,
Tourney’s 13:00 to 15:00.
Heavy – armour inspection 14:45,
Tourney’s 15:00 to 17:00.
Event closes 17:30

Cost: Gold coin donation payable on the day.

Steward: Baron Wendell von Bayern

Other: Bookings not required. A light afternoon tea will be provided. There is no feast (that’s right, you get to feast on the tournament action)

There will be prizes on the day for those combatants who contribute much to the enjoyment of the assembled populace.

A&S Workshop: To add to this fine occasion a Felting workshop planned will be on the same day -inside the Hall. More info: Brighid.

Format of Event: There will be a series of timed tournaments for both Rapier and Heavy combat forms. The individual tournament formats are as follows:

RAPIER - conducted by Baron Giles Leabrook
Achilles Tournament - single kill, single elimination. Combatants randomly and secretly draw the single body part that they are vulnerable to a killing blow. All other areas of their body are immune. Combatants are advised to
watch their future opponents carefully.
Sheep Stealing - 2 melee teams will fight over control of the village sheep. Winner is the team in control of the sheep at the timed conclusion of the tournament.
Troll Melee - Two combatants share the same buckler for defence. They are slain when both heads are struck. Once everyone has had a turn as both Troll and single attacker, divide up all the combatants into Trolls and melee until the time is called.
One-on-One Melee - This allows RBG's (rubber band guns). Duels have returned !! Combatants will pair up for a traditional duel with pistols. Back to back, walk 5 paces, turn and shoot. Double Kill is a double kill and will
not be refought. Wounds carry, and if you can't pull the trigger you are out. NOTICE - Baron Giles Leabrook will conduct RBG authorisations before the tournament for anyone wishing to gain the RBG authorisation to compete.

HEAVY - conducted by Baron Wendell von Bayern
Island Hopping - Melee style tourney where combatants fight on several islands. They may move from Island to Island, however, they must have 1 foot grounded on land at all times. Winner is last man standing.
Warlord Melee - The first round is set up like a normal elimination tournament. The winner of each fight in the first round becomes the warlord for a two-man team of himself and the fighter he defeated. They will then
fight another two-man team; the winner becomes the Warlord for a four-man team, which will fight another four-man team, etc. Eventually, there will be two large armies fighting a melee, with the leader of the winning team being the overall warlord winner.
Wheel of Death - this is a challenge format tourney where a combatant may challenge any other fighter to a single kill, single elimination combat. Weapons are chosen at random by spinning the "wheel of Death" which will
select 2 items for each combatant to use in each combat challenge. Winner is the combatant chosen by the populace as being the most entertaining.
Valhalla Tourney - Melee style tourney. All combatants enter the field and randomly select each other for combat. When a combatant is slain they move from the field, keeping their armour on. When the combatant who slayed them is killed, they may re-enter the field and continue to fight. The winner is the combatant who kills everyone else.

Each tournament format has a maximum running time of 25 minutes, plus a 5 minute rest period for the combatants. So that the cost of the event is kept low, combatants bring with them any suitable weapon that they have that could be used in these tournaments so that we do not have the expense of making weapons/shields/rapiers/daggers/axes etc specifically for this event.