River Haven's Medieval Christmas Event


Onto the populace of River Haven, you are invited by the Lord of Misrule to a night of Merriment, Mayhem & some Fun!
A full garbed event with medieval food, beverages, music, singing, dancing and theatre in the round!
And a free medieval gift for all children under 12 years.

DATE: Saturday, 3rd December, 2011.

Time:  5.15 pm (and be seated by 5.45pm) –10.30pm

Gift exchange for Adults: Each adult is to bring a medieval gift to the value of $10.00 approx. My Ladies: A medieval female gift & My Lords please bring a medieval male gift. These gifts are to be wrapped in brown paper or material (calico is ideal) in keeping with the medieval theme. See suggested list below.

Download File: xmas 2011 gift ideas .doc 19kb

Food : Each member or family group is to bring a suitable Medieval Main OR Sweet Dish to feed approx 6 people.
Please share what dish this will be when booking.
These gifts of food are to be shared with our River Haven family.
In Medieval times the gift of food was, in early periods, the only gifts given at Christmas. See below for Pot Luck Ideas.

Download File: xmas 2011 food ideas .doc 26kb

RSVP 20/11/2011 Limit of 75 people for this Event: Steward Lady Brighid

Please provide & advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking Xmas Medieval dishes suggestions has been uploaded to the Yahoo & Web site Parents or carers who will have children under 12 years attending the Merriment must let Brighid know by 12th November, so suitable medieval gifts can be arranged.
Please provide the child's name and age by the booking date.

A small list of suggestions for the Medieval gifts (exchange) for Lords and Ladies

Leather pouches (both)
Calico pouches or bags- shoes, feasting gear, general hold all goods etc (both)
Needle holders (lady)
Snoods (lady)
Braces (lord)
Leg garters for people's hose (both)
1 mt linen material for on going project (lady)
Jewellery (both)
Bag of hand made beads (both)
Set of pillar candles (both)
Leather guard used for archery-arm and finger (both)
Bee wax (both)
Bed coifs - small for men and women
Coifs –small for wearing under heavy armour
Embroidery kits (lady)
Needles for embroidery or leatherwork (both)
Embroidery hoop (both)
Horn item (both)
Hand woven towels (both)
Fancy buttons for that new doublet (both)
Lace and trims (both)
Parchment (both)
Paints (both)
Hat pins (both)
Candles – unscented and no colours (both)
A Cane basket
Felted wool kit

Xmas Pot Luck Ideas

We will be asking those who are attend this event to bring a suitable medieval dish of mainly FINGER STYLE FOOD for 6 people. Please confirm what you are bringing when you book for the event booking. Please NO soup or stews for this event.

We are providing brinks -medieval cordials and cold water and drinks in fridge ( $1)
BYO alcoholic beverages

Hot/cold meats – roast chicken, beef, lamb or pork, ham, corn beef
Fish: Salmon
Dried fruit & nuts
Bread (12 UNCUT LOAFS –3 people can bring 4loaves each)
Fresh fruit
Quiches – different fillings
Pastries – sweet or savoury
Custard tart
Fried mushrooms
Boiled eggs
Ginger bread
Almond biscuits
Potted meat
Meatballs with sauce
Turkish delight
Fruit tarts - Apple, apricot or pear tarts

Xmas Pot luck receipes and more ideas is available on the Yahoo groups page under Links or via the R H web site.

If you want to be alittle more adventurous check out the medieval cooking books at the River Haven Hall library or Gode Cookery - just to get you started.