River Haven March Baronial
A Harvest Feast

An invitation is sent to all to attend the Baronial celebration of
Baron Wolfgang and Baroness Contarina of River Haven in March this year.

Autumn colours will abound in this beautiful rural setting.

A Harvest Feast is to be held along with the Baronial Championships on March the 10th and 11th this year. It will be held at the Freestone Hall, Lot 1244 Freestone Road Freestone Qld. See map below.

The sight does have wheelchair access should anyone require same

Archery Championship will commence at 12.30
Armour inspections 2pm for Rapier
Championship to commence at 2.30.
Heavy Inspections at 3.30
Heavy Championship to commence 4pm Feast commences at 6.30pm

Sunday: Breakfast also available for Sunday Morning 8am. Bring your wares along for a market stall on the Sunday Morning. Lady Merewen of Twynham has offered to do a class on table top seige devices

Baronial A&S competitions will be advised on booking and are available in the River Haven Rag.

UPDATED (Feb., 2012) A&S Competition details. (145kb .PDF)

Steward is Lady Dorothye Torr Steward and can be contacted for enquiries

Booking cost for members $35
Booking cost for non-members $40
Booking cost for children $17 under 8 free
Until 3rd of March after this date please add $10
Includes Lunch and Feast.

Tourney only the price is $10 member $12 non member

Cheques payable to Stegby SCA
Bookings can be made with Lady Olivia de Medici

Steward Details:
SCA Name Lady Dorothye Torr Steward (Mundane name) Belinda Ostwald

Please advise the booking steward of dietary requirements.


Archery will be held at the Freestone State School which is roughly 3/4 km away from Freestone Hall.
The start time has therefore been altered by a half hour to start at 1pm.
The activities will be (time and conditions permitting):
1:00pm - Archery practice starts.
1:15pm - IKAC starts
3:15pm - Royal Round Starts
4:30pm - Archery ends
The school has requested a small donation and so I ask participants to bring a gold coin to donate to the school as thanks for their assistance with the grounds. This is entirely optional.

Activities for Children.

There will be bread making, which the children will present at the feast to their Excellencies.

This activity will be ongoing during the day with a lesson in prepping the bread but the important part will be in the afternoon when the children will shape the bread however they like and present their efforts to their excellencies before placing the bread on the tables.

Boffer Championship.

There is space in the hall for the children to play inside, out of the sun.
Although there will be some childrens activities, please bring items that will
entertain your children.

Things to Remember

  • For the feast, remember your feasting gear, a teatowel, and candle and candle holder.
  • Parasols and hand fans in case the weather is hot and sunny, there is little shade on the grounds
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent (although mundane, it may make your visit a little more comfortable)
  • Your arts and science project to enter the Baronial Arts and Science competition. See above.


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