Officer Training Day

The Barony are looking at an officer training day on 23rd of June, which is a Saturday, the day of the Revel.This will also include the Baron and Baroness, who will give advice on the positions of Baron and Baroness.
This day is to get everyone - officers and members of the Cantons and River Haven and with special invite to any who wish to attend from the nearby Barony of St. Florian as well as the local shires of Willowbyvale and Bacchus Wood.
This day is designed to bring together all of the officers in a friendly atmosphere of hospitality and friendship. While formal teaching classes are not currently planned on being held, everyone will be available to talk and share knowledge about how to do roles, how to do roles more efficiently, and so on and so forth.
This training day will also be wonderful for people who are considering taking up an office, and each of the officers can show how simple and easy the roles are.
Some billets will be available for our more distant Cantons, and I ask anyone who has the capacity to put up one or more people for the evening to give generously of space.
There will be a $5 donation for all involved simply to provide monies for a BBQ lunch and afternoon tea.

You need to bring:
Any issues you need help with, or think you can speak about
A copy of all the forms of your office if your office has forms of great importance.
$5 donation for lunch and afternoon tea.

Please let me know off list (Reply to this email with my email) if you intend to come and if billeting is required.

Marcos de Valencia
Seneschal of River Haven