Fencing Fest IX

3 - 5 August A.S. XLVII (2012)

Rapier Training, Tournament and Melee Weekend.

Open to all who have an interest in the Arts of Defence.

Fencing Fest is a total weekend devoted to the Artsof Defence. Spread over  three days will be training sessions, and a tournament, a relaxed weekend of fencing and feasting. The weekend will start with a day of casual fencing and teaching on the Friday, included in the standard price. This will be used to finalise the program for the remainder of the weekend.Afternoon tea is served on the Friday, and breakfast and lunch is served on both Saturday and Sunday, with a feast of simple foods on the Saturday night. Once again, back by popular demand, the event t-shirts available for a price of (Currently) $25 per shirt, please order these when you book.Further information can be gained by contact with the Steward.

This weekend is open to all ladies and gentlemen who have an interest in the Arts of Defence. Current and future combatants, those who wish to watch and those who wish to learn. There should not be a time during the weekend where anenthusiastic lady or gentleman cannot find something interesting to learn ordo. Need to brush-up on a weapon form? Need to authorise in another weaponform? Interested in rapier but did not know where to start? This is your best chance to get all of these things done. More to the point it is the chance to fence, and fence amongst others with the same interest.

Event Website: http://fencingfest.rhawn.net/

DATES: 3 - 5 August (ASXLVII) 2012
EVENT TIMES:  12:00 PM Site Opens 3rd of August
EVENT SITE:  Ipswich Viggoro Hall, Ipswich
STEWARD: Mark Baker (Marcos de Valencia)

COSTS: Members $35, Non-members $40, +$5 after Booking Deadline, +$10 at the door