Google Calendar SCA Events.
How to subscribe...

Two calendars are now available in Google Calendar to subscribe to and have events automatically added to your calendar. They are moderated by the Lochac Kingdom Web Wright.

They are:

QLD SCA events calendar

LOCHAC calendar

How to subscibe.

1) Be logged into your google account.

2) Click on 'Calendar' in the top, horizontal tool bar.

3) Click on small menu arrow icon to the right of the 'Other Calendars' in left vertical tool bar.

4) Select 'Add by URL'.

5) Copy and paste the above link (starting with HTTP:// and ending with .ics) into the "URL:_" box in the pop-up window.

6) Hey presto! The events now appear in your calendar!

7) Colours can be changed via the small menu arrow icon to the right each calendar.