Baronial Policies for the Barony of River Haven

Updated November 2010
These policies are in addition to those already stated in Corpora

  1. Baronial Council
    The Baronial Council consists of the Baron and Baroness, Baronial, Canton/Incipient Canton and College Seneschals and the Baronial Officers. All council meetings are open to the general populace who are encouraged to attend. In addition, the Baronial Seneschal may appoint as many Deputy Seneschals to undertake specific tasks as deemed necessary.
  2. Appointment and removal of Officers.
    The authority for the removal of officers has been delegated to the Baronial Seneschal by the Kingdom Seneschal. The removal or revoking of a warrant must involve the relevant Kingdom Officer.
    a. The Barony (via the Seneschal) can formulate requirements for holding office in addition to those specified in Law (both Mundane and SCA) but not in contravention of these Laws.
    b. It is a requirement that the Baron, Baroness and Baronial Seneschal find all new Baronial and Canton Greater officers acceptable before the recommendation is passed onto the Kingdom Level Officer.
    c. After consultation with the appropriate Kingdom Officer, the Barony, via the Seneschal, reserves the right to have any Baronial or Canton officer removed and to revoke their warrant should they fail to fulfil the requirements of their office. An appeal can be lodged as per
  3. Additional requirements of Office
    Officers must:
    a. Report monthly. More than two consecutive reports missed within any 12 month period constitute a breach of office
    b. Greater and lesser Baronial Officers must attend all meetings unless a valid reason for non attendance is given prior to the meeting time. Special consideration will be given to those that live away from the Barony at Large. This is because a Quorum of at least 3 greater officers and a minimum of 6 officers overall is required to make the meeting and decisions official.
    c. All Reeves must report every month to their superior officer as well as to the Kingdom Exchequer.
    d. Canton/Incipient Canton and College officers are to submit their reports as per the following:
    • Monthly to the Canton Seneschal with a copy to the Baronial Officer, Canton/College Seneschals are to report monthly to the Baronial Seneschal
    • Twice Yearly (or more/less as instructed) to the Kingdom Officer. Baronial Officers report monthly to the Baronial Seneschal, and are to submit their reports twice a year or as their Kingdom Officer requires, with copies to the Baron and Baroness and the Baronial
    e. Be over the age of 18.
    f. Have paid memberships in the SCA (either subscribing or family) with a Pegasus being received into the household or proof that an application has been made and sent. All officers must maintain their membership for their term in office.
    g. Be competent in managing the tasks of the office. These tasks may be delegated.
    h. Comply with all legitimate instructions from the Baronial Council as subjected to law.
    i. Have access or subscribe to the River Haven Rag and their local publication if in a Canton. If these are not readily available to the officer then they should speak to their group Seneschal who will have a hard copy of the River haven Rag for use within their group.
    j. Ensure that relevant Regnum are updated once warranted and that these contact details are kept up to date.
    k. Seneschals are to ensure that minutes are taken at all Officers meetings. Minutes are to be published in the groups newletter and made available for all members.
  4. Protected Dates
    The following events and dates are considered protected within the Barony and its Cantons/Incipient Cantons and College. These dates are reserved and no other Baronial group can book a conflicting event without prior permission from the Event Steward and the local or Baronial Seneschal. In the case of the March and September Baronials, the Baron and Baroness alone may give this permission.
    1. March Baronial Championship
    2. September Baronial Championship - The Baronial Championship will rotate through the cantons and Barony. Cantons are not mandated to take on this event and can change the scheduled event to another weekend in that Month with approval from the Baronial Council.
    3. Great Northern War
    4. Stegby 2nd Weekend in July
    5. Burnfield 3rd Weekend in March - The Cantons may change their annual protected dates at
    the group’s request. These changes need to be set at the Calendar planning/review meeting held throughout the year. The Barony will not support more than one event at one time.
  5. Calendar
    All events and demonstrations require an official event notice form. Copies of this form must be supplied to the Local Group and Baronial Seneschals, Chroniclers and Web Wrights at least 8 weeks prior to an event or 4 weeks prior to a demonstration. These copies are essential so the event is covered by insurance as per Corpora. The Lochac Chronicler requires notification of major events for inclusion in Pegasus at least two months before the event.
    a. The Baronial Calendar will be published monthly in the River Haven Rag and made available on the Baronial website.
    b. Approval for any event requiring Baronial/Canton funding must be obtained at the Baronial/Canton council meeting held at least two months prior to the event. A suitably itemised budget for the event must be submitted prior to approval.
    c. Self funding of events is not permitted. See point 9.
    d. In an emergency situation e.g. a surprise Royal Visit, the Baron, Baroness and the Baronial Seneschal may bypass points 5, 5b and 5c. In such situations, an extraordinary general meeting should be called to approve budget spending. Normal meeting quorum requirements
  6. Baronial and Canton Finances
    a. All cheques must be authorised at a Group council meeting. However in mitigating circumstances the group Seneschal and Reeve may approve the issue of a cheque up to the value of $100.
    b. No blank, open or cash cheques are to be signed. All cheques must include a payee and value prior to being signed by two authorised signatories. The cheque book must remain in the possession of the group Reeve. In cases of emergency the cheque book should be
    given to the Seneschal.
    c. Baronial cheques made out to a Baronial member must be presented within 30 days. Funds are to be spent and receipts presented within 60 days unless otherwise approved by the Baronial Reeve. Any unused funds must be returned to the Baronial Reeve.
    d. Cantons running March or September Baronial events will be funded by the Canton with the Canton receiving any Profit or Loss, but must have the event notice counter signed by the Baronial Seneschal.
  7. Finalisation of Events
    Event stewards are to ensure the following is adhered to:
    a. All monies are to be banked within 7 days of the event.
    b. The event steward is to ensure that the following is finalised within 30 days of the event.
    c. All monies are accounted for and tally with the receipts.
    d. All creditors are paid out in full and the receipts tally with the goods supplied.
    e. A financial profit/loss report is raised and sent to the group Reeve and Seneschal.
    f. Any monies owed for the Kingdom Levy are sent to the Baronial Reeve.
    For all other regulations regarding the handling of money in the SCA refer to SCA Board of Directors Financial Policy 2002.
  8. Dietary requirements and Allergies
    It is the responsibility of the person/persons booking to attend and event to advise the Booking Steward of any dietary/allergy requirements that they or other members of their party have. The Feastocrat should make every effort to cater for dietary requirements but this is not mandatory. Those booking who fail to advise the Booking Steward of dietary/allergy requirements at the time of the booking will have no cause for complaint or refund. The Feastocrat is to ensure that a copy of the menu and list of ingredients are available for the Booking Steward and for perusal at the
    event including the brand names if possible. Off board is a mandatory option available to persons with dietary/allergy requirements.
  9. Funding of Events
    No event will be self-funded. All will be funded by the Barony or Canton. A copy of the signed event form should accompany a cheque requisition form for funding.
  10. Event Bookings
    Any person who books for an event and does not attend will be charged for the event unless they have notified the Booking Steward at least two days prior to the event. Exceptions may be made by the Event Steward for unforseen circumstances.
  11. Good Neighbour Policy
    All events held at the Wesley Street Hall must adhere to the entire good Neighbour Policy at all times.
  12. Baronial Policy Review
    All seneschals shall be notified two months prior to the Baronial Policy Review Meeting. Once notified, group Seneschals should table the Policies at their next Group Council meeting for review and comment by the populous. All comments should be forwarded to the Baronial Seneschal
    prior to the review meeting.
  13. Publication of Images
    There are to be no images of Minors published on the Barony, Canton or College Websites or on any other form, regardless of permission from the parents or guardians. If any member of the populace wishes to have their image removed they are to contact the group’s Web Wright who will remove the image as soon as possible.