River Haven Poll

Greetings from Wolfgang and Contarina, Baron and Baroness of River Haven,

We have held office as your Baron and Baroness for around three and a half year, and have had a wonderful time. However, the burden of the Barony begins to tell on us and changes in our lives - the birth of our daughter, Bianca, and the prospect of more children amongst many - means that we must begin to prepare for the time when we will hand our office to successors.

However, we do not anticipate stepping down for some time yet. We believe that we should allow plenty of time for planning for our replacements - it is the Crown's wise council that a long change-over period is beneficial and we concur. We therefore plan to step down at some time within the next 7 to 18 months and to prepare for this we are issuing this poll requesting feedback on the future of the Barony in the coming years. This feedback will be shared as part of the Baronial changeover process so candidates have time to consider this feedback. The formal polling of candidates will take place a few months before our chosen step-down date based on your feedback.

The poll also includes a section for feedback on the timing of the step down, with some potential dates. This feedback will permit potential Crown combatants to plan their travel well in advance and will assist potential Event Stewards also.

Though this poll is directed primarily at River Haven residents and participants, comments from the rest of the Northern Reaches are most welcome.

* What do you think the Barony of River Haven does well at the moment? Where could improvements be made?
* What do you think the Barony of River Haven does poorly at the moment? How these areas be improved?
* What three topics/areas should the Barony look most closely at in planning for the next three years?
* What would be your preferred time-frame for the Baron and Baroness to step down?

- Feast of Tournaments 17 November 2012 (7 Months)
- March Baronial Championship 2013 (11 Months)
- Great Northern War 2013 (14 Months)
- September Baronial Championship 2013 (17 Months and Baronial 30th Year Anniversary)

* What improvements could the Baron and Baroness make over the remainder of their tenure?
In addition to the questions outlined above the survey will ask for the following pieces of information that will be held in confidence by the Crown.

* SCA Name
* Legal Name
* Membership Number (if applicable)
* Group of Membership/Residence

The survey will be administered by the Crown and is located at the following link http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3CK6QTP All information is confidential to the Crown and following the response deadline all feedback will be reviewed, summarized, sanitized and shared publicly. To be clear, only the Crown has access to the account on Survey Monday and respondent information will not be shared so the feedback will be anonymous

If there are any issues with completing the survey online please send a written response directly to the Crown at either of the following address: crown@lochac.sca.org or Sheridon Glenn, 284 Rouse St. Port Melbourne 3207.

In service
Contarina and Wolfgang