The Court

Titles and Rank Within the College

The College is administered by the Court, or Officers of the College, following period guild practice. Generally these officers may be of any SCA rank, and are volunteers appointed by the Provost.

Titles of the Officers of the College

Verger:  taking the title from a monastic officer, the Verger is a member of the College who acts as the caretaker of the "grounds" by maintaining the College website and other related tasks as needed.

Warden:  a member of the College who serves as the local contact for the Scribe's College in a Barony or Shire. Wardens often hold regular scribes' workshops, keep track of the work being one in their local area, and liaise with the Provost on scribal matters. (Please see The Almoner for more details.)

Upper Warden:  the Upper Warden acts as the deputy to the Provost of the College, as required by Kingdom law. Volunteers need not have served previously as regional Wardens.

Provost of the College:  the College in Lochac is under the care of the Provost, a medieval title given to the head of a College, cathedral chapter, or municipal burgh, meaning roughly supervisor or manager. The Provost may be of any rank, and is a volunteer appointed by the Crown in consultation with the previous Provost. The Office of the Provost is a Lesser Officer of State, and is largely an administrative role, responsible for assigning and following up scrolls, overseeing the recruitment and training of scribes, and performing the various duties which keep the College functioning smoothly.

Praefectus Emeritus:  an honorary term for a member who has served one or more terms as Provost, in recognition and gratitude for their service. Praefecti Emeritus also carry the title of Honorary Master whatever their actual service ranking.

(These titles are for the internal ranking use of the College only, and do not carry or imply precedence.)


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Authored by Jehan, Giles, and Yseult AS XXXVIII (2003)