The Owlery

How to Contact the College of Scribes

Provost of the College Katherne Rischer
Upper Warden
(Deputy to the Provost)
Keridwen the Mouse  (Janelle Heron)
Vergers Aeron Lasair  (Sharon Tickell)
Maeve ni Iasachta (Jenny Andersen)
The Wardens
Aneala Branwen of Werchesvorde ()
Crescent Isles Svartr Ormsson ()
Crescent Isles (South) Edith Winter
Innilgard Leofwynn Wulfinga (Lindsay Walker)
North  (Riverhaven and
St Florian de la Riviere)
Aeron Lasair  (Sharon Tickell)
Politarchopolis Quataryna de Montpelher  (Sue Pye)
Rowany Cairistiona nic Bheathain  (Tina Bean)
Stormhold vacant
Ynys Fawr Madelane de Bourgogne ()
Ynys Fawr (deputy) Madoc ap Gryffith ()


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Authored by Jehan, Giles, and Yseult AS XXXVIII  (2003)